CLASSES » 8/9, 10-12 YR & TEEN

- Classes held September through May

- Please pick a class based on your dancer's age as of October 1, 2017

- All classes are one-hour unless otherwise noted

- Trial classes available! Please contact us for information

- Please contact the studio re: tuition

- If you do not see a class you are looking for, please let us know. Classes may be created with a minimum of 5 dancers.



8/9yr Class Offerings
Monday 3:45PM 8/9yr Musical Theater (1 hour)
Monday 4:45PM 8/9yr Ballet (1 hour)
Monday 5:45PM 8/9yr Hip Hop (1 hour)
Tuesday 4:45PM 8/9yr Hip Hop (1 hour)
Wednesday 3:45PM 8/9yr Tap/Jazz (1 hour)
Thursday 4:00PM 8/9yr Musical Theater (1 hour)

9/10 Class Offerings
Monday 4:45PM 9/10yr Lyrical (1 hour)
Monday 6:00PM 9/10yr Musical Theater (1 hour)

10-12yr Class Offerings
Monday 4:45PM 10-12yr Hip Hop (1 hour)
Monday 5:45PM 10-12yr Lyrical (1 hour)
Monday 6:45PM 10-12yr Ballet (1 hour)
Tuesday 5:00PM 10-12yr Jazz (1 hour)
Wednesday 5:00PM 10-12yr Jazz (1 hour)
Wednesday 6:00PM 10-12yr Tap (1 hour)
Thursday 5:00PM 10-12yr Musical Theater (1 hour)
Thursday 6:00PM 10-12yr Tap (1 hour)

Teen Class Offerings
Monday 7:00PM Teen Hip Hop (1 hour)
Monday 8:00PM Teen Lyrical (1 hour)
Wednesday 6:45PM Teen Tap (1 hour) *please contact the studio
Thursday 6:15PM Teen Jazz (1 hour)

Boys Hip Hop Class - *please contact the studio

The above classes are for dancers NOT in our Double Ballet Program. Dancers that are interested in our Double Ballet Program, please contact the studio for your schedule.