Dance and Shoe Wear and Hair - Dance and Shoe Wear and
Hair Requirements for Classes has been posted.

Health - Parent agrees the child is in good health and I understand that participation in classes involves physical movement and execution. Parent agrees to fully disclosed any special physical, learning and/or attention/focus needs including severe allergies that require an Epipen etc. Parent agrees to provide medical insurance for my child and family. Parent agrees if emergency contact cannot be reached, I give permission to the staff of RPAC to render aid or to act on my behalf to obtain emergency medical treatment for this student for any illness or injury that may occur while attending classes, rehearsals, performances or on the premises.

Photos/Videos - Parent agrees that photos and videos taken at RPAC and at RPAC performances may be used in advertising, social media and promotional material.

Email - Check your email frequently, as this is our primary means of communication.

Parking - Drop off is greatly appreciated to leave parking spots for the parents of younger dancers. RPAC has free parking lots available. Please do not double park and please drive with caution in the parking lot as there are small children entering and exiting.

Extras - RPAC is a gum free facility.  It is unsafe and on many occasions has been found on dance clothing and shoes.

Due to the spreading of germs, we do not have a water fountain. There are vending machines with water and snacks.

Please label all belongings.


TO LOG ON TO OUR PORTAL TO MAKE A PAYMENT, PLEASE GO TO https://app.thestudiodirector.com/ridgewood/portal.sd